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trainingSuch unique and motivational training is provided through teachers and experts trainers, faculties, professionals, life-skills coaches that would undoubtedly prepare students of all categories and of all standards for cracking the desired competitive examinations with flying colours. The training provided at the center is comprehensive and essentially aims at providing right solutions to all educational, career and life problems and queries of respective students. Right solution and the training is the hallmark of Siddhantcc. The thrust of the training is on developing the self-learning ability in every student. The training will enable the students to realize their dreams and help transforming their ‘Passion into Profession’


consultancyThe center also undertakes to provide expert consultancies to the schools/colleges/corporate/institutes in various domains of education. Designing, Developing and Implementing a system driven solutions to all the requirements is also undertaken as per the specific requirements.The individuals as well as institutions can rest assured of the positive results and can freely bank on the expertise, experience and specialization in the field for effective right solutions to all the requirements.

HRD Projects

hrdThe organisation has resources to meet the requirements of the HRD Projects. The central theme and the policy that is pivotal to the programs designed by the center is about providing right solutions and training in the field of education, career and life problems, developing self-learning abilities, the services in this direction offered by the center can be easily availed by the individuals, the Corporates and the Educational Institutions.

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